Brain Battles: How to Win Your Mental Struggles Over Food Part 4 – Live your life…

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Live Your Life

Please, please, please… realize that food is not the enemy. Pro-Train Food for Fitness CEO says, “I don’t see food as evil by any means.” “I enjoy food A LOT! — chocolate, desserts, and great restaurants. But I plan my eating, and I pick my occasion.” You can eat the things you like, guilt free, if you plan it and make space for it in your week’s nutrition. There is nothing less productive than having a guilty relationship with food. If you happen to love pizza, or cookies, Chris says, “you can have it—but you need to set limits around it. Figure you will only eat these things once a week, or twice a week. And if your dieting to lose weight in a specific time-frame, be realistic and don’t think to yourself that you can’t have that food, say that you choose not to have that food for now until you reach your goals.” The problem, he says, is when we are not aware, and just drift into eating. “You want to be aware of inviting the guilty pleasures into your life. And that means, again, having a plan. Look at the whole week’s nutrition and ask yourself if a given meal is worth it. Is it going to be set you back? Are you rewarding yourself for the hard work out you did earlier? Or will you be doing a hard workout directly after? Everything is cause and effect and so long as we become more self-aware of our choices, Happiness is sure to follow since your now in true control and conscious of your actions.”

Here’s a guideline Chris offers: to maintain a healthy weight, most people need to have no more than three “guilty pleasure incidents” per week. To lose weight, you need to aim for just one, and certainly no more than two. But be careful—an incident isn’t a binge. So, a slice of pieces of pizza is an incident; so is a couple cookies; likewise, a margarita or glass of wine. If you’re not careful, you could go out for a big dinner and blow all of your “incidents” in one meal. Or, you can spread them out over the week, if that better suits your habits. But either way, regularly having more than three incidents will, in Chris’s experience, send almost anyone off track of weight-loss and possibly even into weight-gain. The best bet though is to plan these incidents directly before or after exercise (within one-hour) and/or consume 2+oz of lean protein prior to an incident, this will slow down the digestion process and keep any simple sugars from immediately spiking blood sugar levels which allows your body the chance to burn the energy consumed more gradually.

Part 5 coming soon!