Brain Battles: How To Win Your Mental Struggles Over Food Part 3 – Nip it in the bud & write it down…

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Nip It In The Bud

The less time you spend hungry, the less you will over-eat. There is this annoying little hormone we produce called ghrelin, the hormone that causes hunger. Well, to keep that hormone in control, you need to eat often. The BEST thing you can do for yourself in terms of controlling your weight is eat a well-balanced and nutritious breakfast, every day, within an hour of getting up, and eat appropriately (an apple, fruit, beef jerky, a little string-cheese, or a protein shake) every three hours throughout the day to keep your metabolism working its best.

Write It Down

“I had a client who just could not see how often he ate ‘guilty pleasure’ foods. He had an excuse for each one, but just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t doing better with his weight-loss goals.

He had pizza on Monday — but hadn’t had it in three months so it ‘didn’t count’.

Tuesday it would be doughnuts, for the first time in six months…and so on.

”What is the key to solving this problem of perception vs reality? Write it all down.“ In this client’s case he was instructed to start a food journal, the journal was simple with the headings “Day of the week, Time, Food Item/Drink Item, and Macros (protein, carbs, fat, calories).” At the end of the week they went through each item and for every ‘guilty food’, Chris had him put a red highlight through it and for every ‘healthy food,’ Chris had him put a green highlight through the item. By the end of the first week, he got to see how much he did this, how and how all of the ‘guilty meals’ stacked up against the ‘healthy meals’ and was able to be educated on what food choices were bringing him closer to his goals and what choices were keeping him from his goals.”

Keeping records of what you eat, opens your eyes and doesn’t allow you to lie to yourself even when you think your being ‘good’. The reality is that you can trouble shoot you’re eating habits and become mentally aware. Ultimately this activity will make you more thoughtful about what you eat—and once it becomes habit, You’ve nipped it in the bud !
Here are some resources you can use for food logging that I’ve found to be very helpful:

Part 4 Coming Soon – Stay tuned…