Devon Lindner

Devon Lindner is a 10 time national champion speed skater that has trained and lived at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He’s been personal training for over 10 years and has been coaching fitness competitors for the last year and a half. After a bad car accident where he severely injured his left ankle and knee, he went into a little bit of a depression. He decided that he can’t let his injuries hold him back and wanted to reach one of his goals he had set for himself, which was competing in an NPC physique competition. After he started training for his first show, he fell in love with the sport and all the people involved in it. He knew right away that he found his competitive home and outlet with this sport. He ended up winning his first show, took top 3 in the Nation in his second show, 1st in the Nation in his 3rd show earning his IFBB Pro Card and then took top three at his first pro show. He loves helping people reach their fitness goals and seeing the huge transformations physically and mentally in his clients.

Danielle Eagle

In 2013, I realized that I was tired of feeling exhausted all the time. I wanted to make better life choices and at that point I made the decision I wanted to live a healthier life. So I signed up for the gym, got a personal trainer, and started eating better.  I have always been goal driven, so I told myself that I wanted to do a bikini fitness show and I wanted to do one in March. That year I attended my first bodybuilding show, which was Sac Pro, and that alone solidified my desire to be on stage more than anything. I’ve shown 3 times since March 2014.  My first show – I placed 6th. My second show – I placed 1st in Novice, and 3rd in Open (which Nationally Qualified me) and my third show – 6th. It just goes to show that you never know what judges look for, but you always have to bring your best self forward. The thrill of the stage has always been something I love. I am hungry for my pro card so I am on that mission. Outside of competing, I am a full time mother and a full time employee at Kaiser. I am a firm believer of no excuses. When it comes down to it, we are all stronger than we feel.  So even when you feel like giving up – that’s when the magic happens. If I can inspire one person, then I know I’ve done my job :). Follow me on my journey on IG at ms.danielleee

Mark “Mad Dog” Lawson


I’m 47 years young and live in Atwater, CA. I’m a professional firefighter/Assistant Chief with CAL FIRE for 28 years now. I have always been physically fit of which is mandatory for my profession but about 3.5 years ago, I decided to take my physical fitness to an all new level and set my goal on competing in the NPC men’s physique class. My first show was in November of 2014 where I placed 2nd in Masters’s Men’s Physique 45+. After enjoying success and becoming nationally qualified after my very first show in Sacramento at the Spectrum Fitness Sacramento Championships, I became addicted and already planned to compete in 2015 at the Governor’s Cup in Sacramento in the 35+ and 45+ masters men’s physique. I placed second in both classes and decided two short weeks later to compete in Fresno at the Fresno Classic in Masters men’s physique 45+. Again, I placed second and decided it was time to put on some size and make some new gains to allow me to win one of these competitions. I am one week out from the Tahoe Show and will be bringing an all around better package to the stage in the masters 45+ class. I am engaged to my beautiful fiancée Melissa Hernandez, 25 years old from Atwater, CA as well.

I have two children, daughter McKenzie 21 and son Matthew 18. Please follow my journey to the top!

Melissa Hernandez

My name is Melissa Hernandez. I’m 25 years old and have been involved in the world of fitness for over 5 years. After having my son, I decided it was time to put my head down and get busy on my goal of competing in the women’s figure class. Well, I’m happy to say that I achieved my goal and exceeded my expectations by finishing in the top 5 in my very first show at the 2016 Governors Cup show in Sacramento and placing first in my second show and almost taking the overall in women’s figure A class at the Fresno Classic three weeks later. I’m more focused now then ever and have already set new goals for 2017. With the help of my fiance Mark Lawson who also competes in men’s physique we both plan on securing our very own pro cards and we couldn’t have gotten to where we are at today if it wasn’t for the help of our sponsor Pro-Train food for fitness because we all know how important proper dieting is in the competitive world of fitness.

Jared Wade

My name is Jared Wade and I’m 25 years old. I’m currently prepping to compete in the National bodybuilding championships in Miami, Florida 2016. My journey started one day when I was 22. I just got home from the gym sat down to drink a protein shake and I asked myself “Why do I do this? Why do I go every day and kill myself at the gym?” and I had no answer.

Already being in great shape I was drawn to a movie documentary called “Generation Iron” which showcased all the top bodybuilders in the world as they prepared for the biggest prize in bodybuilding, the Mr. Olympia contest. I said to myself “Now that’s where I want to be! With the top guys in the world competing on the biggest stage!” And so it began. I signed up for the 2015 Governor’s cup in Sacramento, Ca.

Training for months and learning through the entire experience, the day had come and I competed in the light heavyweight bodybuilding division and came home with 2 trophies! 4th place in the Novice division and 5th place in the Open division. I was hooked! Bringing that home with all the work I put in sparked a fire that hasn’t diminished one bit.

I took the rest of the year off while still training to improve. I started looking for my next show in 2016 and decided on the Fresno classic. I worked even harder this time around and was fortunate to obtain the help of many people on my team including Chris Wilson and ProtrainF3. I was able to do the show heavier, leaner, and had a better package all around. The judges thought so too and I brought home two 1st place trophies  and an overall trophy in novice!!

This was so exciting for me but I didn’t want to stop! I still wasn’t satisfied because I wanted that top overall spot to earn a sword! So off to the Nevada state championships I went. That night in Nevada I competed in the new classic physique class and did exactly what I set out to do…The Sword was mine.

I had never been more proud of myself than that night. But I say this with sincerity and humility that this is only the beginning… I want to one day be called-out with the best of the best. Bodybuilding isn’t just a hobby to me like it is others it’s my place of peace. It’s my therapy. And it’s something that I love and am very passionate about! I will not give up till I reach my goal.

Something very important in this industry is to have the right people by your side to keep you motivated when times are at its toughest and fortunate for me, that’s exactly what I have with my circle of people. I may be the one killing it in the gym but the chef’s prepping my meals are doing the same to keep me at my best nutritionally. My mom and girlfriend always are keeping me motivated and telling me I can do this and I will do it not just for me but everyone that helped me get to where I am.

In the future I would love to one day open up my own gym because I know what the gym has done for me. To help out the youth, keep them out of trouble and off the streets, while also helping others reach their fitness goals like I have would be a dream come true. I honestly was lucky enough not to go through to many troubles but I owe that to the people around me keeping my head on straight or just reminding me that everything is all going to be okay. I am not oblivious to the possibilities of larger obsticles ahead, but I’m ready! So onto keep straight ahead and hopefully you guys will enjoy following my journey.

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