CARBION – Zero Sugar Carb Drink – Key Lime Cherry


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CARBION is a 6-Source, Sugar-Free, Ion Charged Carb Complex with unique properties due to its very large molecular weight and low osmolaity.  Simple carbs with low molecular weights, such as sugar or dextrose are typically held in the stomach for up to an hour, CARBION moves rapidly to the small intestine where sustained absorption powers your workouts like never before.

KEY BENEFIT:  An exceptionally well-delivered energy-source that keeps muscle full and veins thick via enhanced glycogen levels and blood plasma volume.

ION-CHARGED means that we have infused CARBION with all 4 key electrolytes.  When mixed into solution, these charged particles dramatically enhance hydration levels, improve absorption and replace electrolytes lost through sweat.

KEY BENEFIT: Optimal electrolyte mediated hydration throughout your workout yielding superior results through the  toughest training.

Weight 2.46 lbs